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Bio Elita Skin Care Products
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  Eye Care
Eye Structure, Anti-Ageing Eye Cream  
Bio Elita Eye Structure - A gentle, melt in cream that is safe for the eye contour. It drains and diminishes undereye bags and circles through accelerated cellular stimulation. It continuously quenches thirsty cells through continuous hydrolipid control. The eye contour quickly becomes smoother and radiant. Perfectly moisturised and protected. It looks fresher, invigorated and visibly younger.

0.68 oz   $69.00Quantity:
Aquamasque,Extreme Moisture Creamy Mask  
Bio Elita Extreme Moisture Creamy Mask - Is a fresh and creamy mask that quickly restores the moisture reserves of dehydrated skin. A true moisture booster facial bath and intensive repair cream. Aquamasque provides softness and well being to sensitive and dehydrated skin in just a few minutes. It soothes and repairs the skin by consolidating its defences against harsh external conditions. It strengthens the cohesion of the epidermal stratum corneum and boosts it capacity to hold in moisture.

3.3 oz   $59.00Quantity:
Aquacreme 24 HExtreme Moisture Cream  
Bio Elita Aquacreme 24 HExtreme Moisture Cream - Filled with Hydro Captors, and deliciously thirst quenching and protective Aquacreme 24H is a permanent source of moisture for sensitized, dehydrated and uncomfortable skin that feels tight, cracks or becomes red at the slightest change in temperature. It saturates the upper skin layers, it softens the epidermis and improves its natural capacity to capture and retain moisture. Perfectly protected, repaired and quenched your skin glows with freshness and well being.

1.7 oz   $84.00Quantity:
Cremestructure, Day/Night,, Anti-Age Cream  
Bio Elita Cremestructure, Day and Night Anti Ageing Cream - It captures and maintains constant moisture levels in dehydrated cells. It recreates a perfectly protective hydrolipid screen that fights free radicals, a factor in premature skin ageing. Helps restore the self protective and self regenerating powers to lifeless or fragile skin. Perfectly restructured your skin becomes fuller and firmer and glows with new freshness and beauty.

1.7 oz   $94.00Quantity:
Structuressence, Extreme Anti-Aging Serum  
Bio Elita Structuressence - A fresh, silky and penetrating treatment that melts onto the skin. It stimulates cellular renewal, refines skin texture and leaves the complexion radiant. It quenches cells with moisture to leave the skin fuller and incomparably soft. It restructures the epidermal stratum corneum to effectively diminish wrinkles and fine lines.

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