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Rene Furterer Products

Rene Furterer has the following types of products available for sale by lorabeauty.com:
Body, Conditioner, Hair Loss, Hair Spray, Leave in Conditioner, Mousse, Shampoo, Styling, Thermal Protection, Treatment,

For Rene Furterer , hair is a living substance which we care about, improve and beautify. To this he has dedicated thirty years of his life, thirty years during which his knowledge has been strengthened and confirmed by experience and has developed into a unique philosophy.

Rene Furterer was the first to understand that scalp is as important as hair, and that both need to be treated at the same time for maximum efficiency.

Rene Furterer hair products created his specific range of products and designed a unique hair care method, which soon became famous throughout the world.

Rene Furterer - Body
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
6.7 ozRene Furterer Refreshing Sun Shower Gel for Hair and Body $24.00

Rene Furterer - Conditioner
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
5.18 ozAcanthe Curl Enhancing Conditioner $28.00
3.4 ozCarthame Gentle Hydro-Nutritive Mask $22.00
3.4 oz.Karite Nourishing Conditioning Cream (Dry Hair) $28.00
6.81 oz.Karite Nourishing Conditioning Cream(Dry Hair) $46.00
1.01 ozKarite Repairing Serum, Damaged,Very Dry Hair Ends $30.00
3.37 ozMyrrhea Anti-Frizz Silkening Mask $23.00
6.74 ozMyrrhea Anti-Frizz Silkening Mask $42.00
5.1 oz.Okara Repairing Treatment Mask (Permed/Damaged Hair) $28.00
5.07ozOkara Restructuring and Protective Radiance Mask (+80% color PROTECTION) $28.00
5.1 ozOkara Restructuring Mask, Colored Hair $28.00
6.81 ozTonucia Mask for Fine Limp Hair $44.00

Rene Furterer - Hair Loss
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
12 ampsRF 80 (Weak Hair),for Female Hair Loss $67.00
8 vialsTriphasic (Thining Hair) Treatment,for Male Hair Loss $77.00

Rene Furterer - Hair Spray
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
8.7 ozVegetal Finishing Spray $27.00
4.2 ozVolumea Volumizing Conditioning Spray No-Rinse $26.00

Rene Furterer - Leave in Conditioner
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
2.6 oz.Carthame No Rinse Protective Cream (Dry to veryDry/Split Ends) $28.00
2.6 oz.Carthame No-Rinse Day Time Moisturizing Conditioner $28.00
2.6 oz.Carthame No-Rinse Day Time Moisturizing Conditioner $28.00
2.6 oz.Carthame No-Rinse Day Time Moisturizing Conditioner $28.00
3.3 oz,spray pumpKarite,No Rinse Nutritive Concentrate,for Very Dry Frizzy Hair $26.00
5.0 ozOkara No rinse detangling 2-phases conditioner protection & radiance (+80% color PROTECTION) $26.00
5.07ozOkara No rinse detangling 2-phases conditioner protection & radiance (+80% color PROTECTION) $26.00
5 ozTonucia No Rinse Fortifying and Densifying Spray Currently out of Stock$25.00

Rene Furterer - Mousse
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
6.94 ozVegetal Mousse $23.00
6.8 ozVolumea Volumizing Foam $23.00

Rene Furterer - Shampoo
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
5.07ozAcanthe Perfect Curls Curl Enhancing Shampoo $23.00
5.07 ozAstera Shampoo (Sensitive Scalp/Brittle Hair) $23.00
5.1 ozCarthame Milk Shampoo (Dry Scalp/Fine Hair) $23.00
5.07 ozCurbicia Regulating Shampoo for Scalp Prone to Oiliness $23.00
5.07 ozFioravanti Shine Enhancing Shampoo $23.00
5.1 oz.Forticea Stimulating Shampoo $23.00
5.07 ozKarite Shampoo, for Extremely Dry Scalp and Hair $23.00
5.07 ozMyrrhea Anti-Frizz Silkening Shampoo $23.00
3.2 ozNaturia Dry Shampoo $24.00
10.1 ozNATURIA RF6,Gentle Balancing Shampoo $28.00
5.07 ozOkara Mild Silver Shampoo $23.00
5.07 ozOkara Protective Radiance Shampoo (+70% color PROTECTION) $23.00
5.07ozOkara Protective Radiance Shampoo (+70% color PROTECTION) $23.00
5.07 ozTonucia - Toning Shampoo $23.00
5.07 ozVolumea Volumizing Shampoo $23.00

Rene Furterer - Styling
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
1.7 oz.Styling Wax $23.00

Rene Furterer - Thermal Protection
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
4.27 ozMyrrhea Anti-Frizz Silkening Fluid $30.00

Rene Furterer - Treatment
SizeDescription/More InfoPriceBuy
1.7 ozComplexe 5 $45.00
3.3 ozKarite Intense Nutrition Oil $36.00

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